General Conditions

1. Scope

By online registration and / or reservation of driving lessons (s) via the website of Rijschool Codrive, the student declares to have taken note of the general terms and conditions of Rijschool Codrive and to accept them.

2. Payment


All courses and exam reservations must be paid before the start of the course. This is only possible via our website by means of credit card or bancontact.

Non-payment or late payment of the invoice will automatically and without prior notice give rise to a fixed increase of 20% of the amount due, in addition to the statutory delay interest. In case of late payment, the guarantee of the agreements / dates made also expires.

Unless stated otherwise, all invoices must be paid no later than 10 working days before the start of the planned training. Failure to pay an invoice at the latest on this due date will make all amounts owed immediately due and payable, irrespective of the payment terms allowed in advance.

Interpreting services (for the driving test,...) must be ordered through Driving School Codrive and must be reimbursed to Driving School Codrive in advance. Interpreting services arranged outside Driving School Codrive are not accepted.

Duplicates of driving school attestations can be delivered at a cost of 15,00€

3. Education


With regard to practical lessons: if the student does not take the wheel during journeys on public roads, these journeys will not be taken into account for the calculation of the number of lessons.

However, a demonstration by the teacher of a movement to be performed is part of the lesson and does not fall under this rule.

No services other than those for which a rate is stated in the contract may be charged. (RD 11/04/2004 _ Approval of driving schools. Art. 23 £ 7)

4. Cancellation


No costs are charged for canceling or rescheduling driving lessons up to 5 working days and exam supervision up to 8 working days in advance.

In the event of cancellation or rescheduling in the short term, the full tuition fee is due.

In case of force majeure, and this is proven (eg via a doctor's certificate), no fee will be charged.

In case of cancellation or rescheduling in the short term, the exam fees are due in full, as Rijschool Codrive also remains due to the exam center.

Rijschool Codrive has the right to move or cancel lessons and training courses in case of force majeure (illness of the teacher, breakdown of the vehicle, weather conditions, additional exams, ...) without this giving rise to any right to compensation on the part of the student. . Replacement lesson / training is always provided.

5. Certificate of competence

No certificate of competence is issued by the driving school if the teacher considers that the student is not able to continue the training on the public road without a guide. During the foreseen evaluation moments, the teacher will discuss the progress in the learning process with the student. For a certificate of competence, the student must have effectively followed a minimum of 20 hours of lessons.

6. Student's obligations


Training courses (including extra hours) can only be booked on the website It is not allowed to book directly with the instructor.

The student is always obliged to provide all relevant information regarding to share his provisional driving license (in particular theoretical exam, number of exam attempts and whether or not to have already been in possession of a provisional driving license in the past) with Rijschool Codrive.

If the student does not appear or appears late for the exam due to causes that can be attributed to him, he must pay all costs of the practical exam (exam supervision and surcharge from the exam center).

If the exam is canceled because the student could not present the correct valid documents (e.g. valid provisional driving license, identity card, certificate of municipal administration, certificate of passed theory, ...), then he must pay all costs of the practical exam (exam supervision and surcharge of the exam center).

The student is obliged to be present in class on time.

It is forbidden to smoke in the teaching vehicles. Riding with high heels is not allowed. In the event that the lesson cannot continue as a result or is delayed, the tuition fees will nevertheless be charged.

The student should refrain from drug or alcohol use during class. A suspicion of alcohol use and / or drugs at the start or during the theory or practical training may give rise to compulsory withdrawal from the training. The full tuition fee remains payable where appropriate.

During the driving test, the student is responsible for traffic offenses and the resulting fines.

7. Responsibility Rijschool Codrive


Rijschool Codrive cannot be held responsible if the student is refused entry to the exam center because of administrative problems or incorrect information.

Rijschool Codrive driving school cannot be held responsible for changes in the training or examination schedule due to changing legislation.

Rijschool Codrive driving school makes great efforts to ensure that the information provided is complete and correct. Despite these efforts, possible inaccuracies may occur. Rijschool Codrive cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of the information provided. Errors or inaccuracies can always be reported in writing or by e-mail.

Each Rijschool Codrive teaching vehicle is covered by an insurance policy for:

  • The student's civil liability, as driver and passenger.
  • The damage that, under all circumstances, during and through the use of this training vehicle, is caused to the student or his belongings.
  • This policy stipulates that the insurer (except in case of serious error or intent) waives any recourse against the student. The cover for damage to the student's belongings is limited to € 1000. (RD 11/05/2004 Recognition of driving schools. Art. 19). Any damage caused by the student's own vehicle is not covered by an insurance policy from the driving school.


8. Complaints and disputes


For complaints, the student must contact the Rijschool Codrive management in writing at the following email address:

Except in case of force majeure, complaints must reach Rijschool Codrive no later than 8 days after the services provided.

In the event of a dispute, only the courts of the district of Antwerp have jurisdiction, unless the law prescribes otherwise.

9. Privacy


Rijschool Codrive respects the privacy of its customers and the users of its website. The collection of personal data and the use that Rijschool Codrive makes of this data is in accordance with the Law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy. These personal data are stored in a data file, and the owner of this file is Rijschool Codrive BV, Lamorinièrestraat 140, 2018 Antwerp.

Rijschool Codrive uses this information to meet the demands of its customers and to keep them informed of activities, products and services of Rijschool Codrive or companies affiliated with Rijschool Codrive. The customer can object to the use and / or passing on of his data, by directing a simple letter (with a copy of the front of the identity card) to Rijschool Codrive, Lamorinièrestraat 140, 2018 Antwerp. Everyone has the right to communicate, inspect, access and correct their personal data. To do this, it is sufficient to contact Rijschool Codrive as indicated above.

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