Can I take lessons in my own car?
And more practical questions are answered here...

  • Do I have to wait 3 months to take the exam after switching between M36 and M18?

    The practice period for the first provisional driving license continues as usual.
    So if you switch after 3 months, you can immediately go to the practical exam with the new provisional driving license.
    Please note, switching is only possible under the following conditions:

    • The validity of your first provisional driving license has not yet expired at the time of the switch.
    • Your theory is still valid (3y)
  • Can I take a practical exam immediately after my 20h driving lesson?

    If you can prove that you have a provisional driving license and have completed the mandatory minimum practice period of 3 months, you can participate in the practical exam, after 20 hours of driving lessons.

    However, you usually do not have a provisional driving license if you have just finished your 20h driving lesson, because you want to obtain an M18.

  • Do I always choose the same instructor for my 20h driving lesson?

    It is usually a good idea to take the first lessons with the same coach.
    Not only for you, but also for the coach, who likes to complete "his" project to the end.
    We recommend that you take 70 - 80% of your lessons with your "basic coach".
    And we certainly recommend taking at least one lesson with another coach, this gives energy.

    However, if you like a lot of variety, both from coach and car, then it is better to switch.
    In any case, your progress is recorded in our administration, so that the coaches always see what you learned in the previous lesson.

  • Is the exam fee included in the exam packages?


  • Can I already take driving lessons if I have not yet passed the theory?


    We do recommend that you go through the theory before you come to the driving lesson.
    Especially right of way, speeds and location on the road are important.

    We cooperate with the following platform for theory and practical lessons: www.mijnrijbewijsB.be

  • How many lessons should I take?

    That depends on what situation you are in.

    • You are obliged to take 20h of driving lessons if you wish to obtain a provisional driving license with which you can only practice (M18)
    • You are obliged to take 6 hours of driving lessons in the following cases:
    1. Your provisional driving license is no longer valid and you wish:
      • switch to an M12
      • to participate in the practical exam via the driving school
    2. You have not passed the practical exam twice in a row and you wish to take the practical exam again.

    If you are not one in the above cases (for instance if you have a foreign license), you are free to choose the number of lessons you want, whether or not in consultation with your coach.

  • Can I pay cash to the coach?

    We work cashless.
    We have invested in online payment options such as Paypal, bancontact, Mastercard, Visa.
    This is the only way to order and pay for the driving lessons.
    You can arrange all appointments for the driving lessons and exams yourself via the website.

  • Can I pay off the 20h package in installments?

    For the candidates who cannot pay for the full package in one go, we recommend ordering in pieces.
    Via the "free lessons", you can order lessons per lesson, until you finally arrive at 20h in total.

  • When can I take lessons and practical exam?

    All our available driving lessons are online.
    You can view this via "book now" or "view availability".
    You choose a lesson package, transmission, pick-up point, and see all available lessons.
    To view the available exams, select an exam package.
    New exams appear online every Friday afternoon.
    It is worthwhile to check our lesson agenda on a daily basis.

  • Can I take an exam and lessons in my own car?

    All lessons and exams that you take through our driving school are given in the lesson car.

  • Is the exam included in the 20h package?

    No, you need to order the exam separately.

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