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20 hours driving classes: how to plan?

20 hours driving classes: how to plan?

The most controversial driver training package in the world, that is only possible in Belgium of course.

So the 20 hour package.
It is well known: After having followed a minimum of 20 hours of driving lessons, the driving coach can decide to issue you a certificate of competence.  Qualified for?  Well, at that moment you are capable of taking part in traffic independently.  This means that you master the absolute basic skills to move safely through traffic.

Note: Often 20 hours is not enough for the certificate of competence, the traffic has become much more complex, and some candidates also suffer from learning disabilities.  In that case additional lessons are necessary.

 How to book?

 Some basic rules:

  •  Choose a maximum of 2 coaches for all your driving lessons.
  • If you go for 2 coaches, make sure that:
    • minimum 80% of your lessons are given by one coach (your basic coach).
    •  The first and last 2 lessons are given by one coach (preferably your basic coach).
  •  Plan minimum 2 , maximum 3 lessons per week (to avoid that there is too much time between your lessons, or it becomes too intensive).
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