Your driving school director speaks...

  • You will not believe it, but this is literally in the driving school legislation (drafted in 2004):

    "The practical lessons must start and end at the office".

    What does this imply?

  • The most controversial driver training package in the world, that is only possible in Belgium of course.

    So the 20 hour package.
    It is well known: After having followed a minimum of 20 hours of driving lessons, the driving coach can decide to issue you a certificate of competence.  Qualified for?  Well, at that moment you are capable of taking part in traffic independently.  This means that you master the absolute basic skills to move safely through traffic.

  • Today I met Pedro - I call him Pedro, but that's not his real name.
    Pedro turned to Codrive in hopes of finding appropriate help for his problem.

    I received Pedro in our office, offered him a glass of water, and asked how I could help him.
    He had already mentioned via messenger that he experienced a huge fear on the highway.
    This sparked my interest.

    I let Pedro do the talking. Without interrupting too much.
    Pedro is high profile in life. An interesting young man, with a promising career.

  • The successful candidate is the candidate who is well prepared in all areas.


    You are intensively trained to deal with strong, disturbing emotions and thought patterns during your driving test, because:

  • As a subsidiary of the KBC group, VAB Driving School is the market leader in Flanders in the field of driver training. They are by far the largest driving school in Flanders.
    Some of you probably also know driving school Sanderus with headquarters in Mechelen; well, these were taken over by VAB a few years ago.

  • Dear visitor,

    May I welcome you to our completely renewed website.

    You know how it works ... when a company launches a new website, it releases extra energy in the minds of all employees. It is no different at Codrive Driving School. Not only are we very proud of our new digital office; we are also very curious about its future use by our (new) customers. Digitization is an unstoppable trend in our society, and it is also super important to us.

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    Striving for the best quality of teaching and service is our top priority.

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