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Een nieuwe start voor Rijschool Codrive - onze filosofie

Een nieuwe start voor Rijschool Codrive - onze filosofie

Dear visitor,

May I welcome you to our completely renewed website.

You know how it works ... when a company launches a new website, it releases extra energy in the minds of all employees. It is no different at Codrive Driving School. Not only are we very proud of our new digital office; we are also very curious about its future use by our (new) customers. Digitization is an unstoppable trend in our society, and it is also super important to us.

Our philosophy

Striving for the best quality of teaching and service is our top priority.

We wish to deliver high quality to the customer in terms of:

  • Driving lessons:
    • Content and method of teaching (technical and psychological)
    • Reliability of the appointment (punctuality, duration of the lesson, ...)
    • Both manual and automatic
    • Condition of the training car
  • Lesson reporting (digital and content both on a technical and mental level)
  • Provision of information regarding driver training
  • Booking and cancellation of driving lessons
    • Easy: online, managed by the customer in “My Codrive”
    • Flexible terms
    • Payment options (online)

We wish to deliver high quality to our instructors in the field of:

  • Organization of driving lessons: google calendar, online lesson cards, ...
  • Reliability of the planning
  • Teaching support
  • Drawing up performance statements and invoicing
  • Promoting our instructors (website)

I hope to share many more interesting thoughts with you all through this blog!


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