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Best driving school in Antwerp: Rijschool VAB or Codrive?

Best driving school in Antwerp: Rijschool VAB or Codrive?

As a subsidiary of the KBC group, VAB Driving School is the market leader in Flanders in the field of driver training. They are by far the largest driving school in Flanders.
Some of you probably also know driving school Sanderus with headquarters in Mechelen; well, these were taken over by VAB a few years ago.

Driving school VAB deals with all types of driving licenses, while at Codrive Driving School we focus on driving license B.
The return-moment is also a specialty of VAB; given their wealthy partner, they can invest in the training areas.
Driving school VAB also has a very extensive office network, although it is not clear whether they are so happy with it (large costs, digital transformation, ...)
A smaller driving school like Codrive cannot and does not want to deal with this.

There are some noticeable differences regarding the teaching:

  • Driving school VAB drives with Volkswagen Golf, while at Codrive driving school we currently have a mix of Kia, Volkswagen, Toyota (automatic)
  • Codrive driving school works 100% with independent instructors
  • There is probably also a price difference on the driving lesson packages and on the registration fee (free at Codrive Driving School).
  • The philosophy of both driving schools could also differ; While VAB may want to be and remain the largest, Codrive Driving School wishes to focus on quality, being the best. That is not to say that the quality at VAB is not good, we cannot judge that.

Regarding the quality of the service and the driving lessons themselves, we can only judge ourselves.

  • We specialize in very personal, customer-friendly service to our candidates, with a select group of motivated teachers.
  • Our digital administration and reporting also seems to be very unique in the world of driver training, this software is tailor-made for our driving school.
  • Because Driving School VAB is a larger group, they probably also have a larger range of driving lessons than Driving School Codrive. Although Codrive Driving School is always open to new collaborations with motivated instructors.

We do not see VAB as a competitor, but as a partner, to deliver safe drivers together and to raise road safety in Flanders and Belgium as high as possible. There are an outrageous number of road casualties!

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