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What are my chances on the practical exam: preparation!

What are my chances on the practical exam: preparation!

The successful candidate is the candidate who is well prepared in all areas.


You are intensively trained to deal with strong, disturbing emotions and thought patterns during your driving test, because:

  • You are calm and focused at all times by nature or through mindfulness/meditation training
  • You have learned to deal with disturbing emotions by participating in one or more (trial) exams
  • You live life with a "learning" mindset. Mistakes are learning moments for you, which make you better.
  • You realize that "luck" is not a determining factor on your driving test, but that you are solely responsible for your choices in life. Such as the choice of your driver training and the quality of your rides. You choose who helps you, how often you want help, to achieve your goal.

The result of your driving test is determined solely by you and you are solely responsible.

Technical level

  • You don't have to "learn" anything in the last 2 hours of driving lessons, just before your exam.
    You mainly use those 2 hours to get used to the car, the coach, to get into the atmosphere, and to warm up.
  • You can park smoothly and smoothly with the tires in the gutter, turn in a street, drive backwards with any vehicle, in any situation. This means that the maneuvers have become automatic, you no longer need tricks. You can do it without using the rear view camera. Driving backwards has no more secrets for you. If you still need tricks, you're still in the learning process.
  • You use your side mirrors as they should: very intensively, before you make a change of direction, such as:
    • Exit (motorway, priority road,...)
    • Overtaking (cyclist, car,...)
    • Dealing with an obstacle (departure from behind a parked car, flower box,...)
    • In preparation for the change of direction, an experienced driver will have looked in the side mirror at least twice. At least!

      If you've yet to think about using your side mirrors, you're still in the learning process.

Priority and risk perception

  • You are used to consciously looking for right-of-way intersections, adjusting your speed, and very clearly giving way to the driver coming from the right. You never create confusion.
  • You are also used to very consciously looking for zebra crossings, and to adjust your speed in such a way that you can always give way to the pedestrian who is about to cross.
  • You are used to taking your right of way where you have right of way, but always with the necessary caution.
  • You know the principle of bending priority.

    If you still have to think about priority, you are still in the learning process.

Speed ​​and traffic insight:

  • You have naturally developed a defensive, anticipatory driving style, where few surprising speed variations are needed, such as eg. sudden braking.
  • You have the mindset of "I never want to stand still completely unless I have no other choice".
  • You know where you can drive smoothly and you can and want to overtake quickly and safely (for example, a lingering car in front of you, ...)
  • You know where to drive at an appropriate speed, and stop if necessary (narrow streets,...)
  • You are familiar with driving on the highway, and can handle 120 km/h without strong emotions, even in the left lane if necessary.
  • If you often have doubts about the allowed speed, and you feel strong emotions at high speeds, you are still in the learning process.

Position on the road

  • You can estimate the width of any car well, and you never drive dangerously close to parked cars, even if there are oncoming traffic in a narrow street.
  • You know how to swerve to prepare for a change of direction.
  • You see all the road markings and understand them without thinking.


Vehicle Control

  • You no longer have to think about your braking techniques, shifting, steering
  • You have a lot of experience with Waze or Google Maps as a navigation tool, and you can follow the GPS instructions well.

Our many years of experience shows that, time and again, candidates misjudge their chances of success.
At Driving School Codrive we want to make our candidates aware of the fact that you really have to earn your driving license through a correct, exemplary driving style.

Be very critical of yourself and set high standards.
You belong to the new generation of drivers, who will lead by example, now, on the exam, and later when you drive alone.

If you think you can deduce from the above considerations that you are not there yet, then there are the following options:

  • Give yourself more time by postponing your exam
  • Take the exam and make the most of it
  • Practice intensively until you reach the desired level
  • Consider extra help from your coach (extra lesson, mock exams,...)

We look forward to guiding you, see you soon!

Team Codrive

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