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    **Training moment for Supervisors**


     From March 1, 2024, a mandatory 3-hour training course will be required for anyone wishing to teach a learner driver with a 'provisional driver's license with supervisor'. This training can be followed at an accredited driving school or independent instructor. Each student may choose 1 or a maximum of 2 supervisors.



  • Rijexamen

    From March 1, 2024, there will be a new rule that you must have at least 5 months of experience on public roads before you are eligible to take your practical exam. However, if you complete your practical exam before March 1, 2024, the previous 3-month practice period will remain in effect.

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    For whom? You have failed the practical exam 2 consecutive times.
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    Codrive Youtube Channel : The Driving Exam!
  • The hellish battle for time slots at the exam center


    Besides the war in Ukraine, there is also a battle going on in the driving school landscape.
    The battle between free guidance and driving schools. Between the independent instructors and the driving schools.
    This struggle is best expressed in the awarding of driving tests to candidates for the driving license B.


  • In order to be able to continue to guarantee the quality of our services in the future, driving school Codrive has immediately terminated the collaboration with coach Ayberk.
    We wish him every success in his further career.

    You can still count on our core team of coaches Saffir, Ludo, Tom, Rafal, Etienne and Dirk, and on our planner Owen.


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