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Are you eligible for a driving test through Driving School Codrive?

Are you eligible for a driving test through Driving School Codrive?

The hellish battle for time slots at the exam center


Besides the war in Ukraine, there is also a battle going on in the driving school landscape.
The battle between free guidance and driving schools. Between the independent instructors and the driving schools.
This struggle is best expressed in the awarding of driving tests to candidates for the driving license B.


What's the problem?

  • The waiting times for booking a driving test via the free guidance currently rise to at least six months.
  • At the driving schools, on the other hand, you can usually go much faster. Some argue that this favors driving schools.


How does the driving school work?

  • The driving schools receive fixed time slots at the exam centers of their choice. The number of timeslots depends on how good they are "customer". Do they have many instructors, is the relationship with the examiners ok, are the agreements respected,...
  • Our driving school is currently being spoiled; we have 8 time slots per week, a luxury position. However, we are very careful with the "handing out" of these driving tests.


Our policy?

  • Candidates we know, because we have already taught them, are given priority - preferably after consultation with the coach - when booking a driving test through our driving school. We recommend planning this already after the 20-hour training.
  • Candidates we do not know cannot book an exam without first having attended at least one intake lesson. We are very strict about that.
  • Exam guidance is always combined with 2 hours of driving lessons prior to the driving test.



  • The timeslots are not online for the general public. The moment you, as an existing customer, want an exam, please contact us, after which we will put this exam online the moment you can book directly.
  • During the driving lesson you can view the possible dates with the coach and, if desired, book directly online at the end of the lesson.
  • If you prefer to take your time, please contact the secretariat to discuss the options. You choose the coach who guides you to the driving test.


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